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Strange Friends

Warren has some really odd friends. We went to the Bronze the other night to see this band called Never Cry Wolf that was playing there for the first time- and it was also a tribute to their band manager, a rather British white-haired vampire man named Spike, and his bride-to-be Tamara. The lead singer of Never Cry Wolf is a werewolf, incidentally... yes, they are strange friends Tamara was very pleased with the repeating crossbow design Warren had come up with- he gave it to her as a present for the party.

This blonde, bouncy girl that I was introduced to as "Bambi, the other slayer" took a hold of my arm and declared me a fashion victim, promptly dragging me off to the bathroom and spraying me with perfume, fixing my hair, and covering my face with makeup. Then she ripped my shirt down the front a bit so it showed cleavage, and drug me back to the table. I was so embarrassed, but darn it, that girl is strong! I guess that's what they mean by Slayer Strength.

When we got home, Warren said he thought I was pretty just the way I usually was. That really made me feel a lot better.


Rebecca wanted to go and see snow, and Warren suggested Aspen. I don't know how to ski, and neither does Jonathan, and I'm not sure Rebecca is programmed for skiing either, but it still sounds like it would be a fun holiday. As soon as he heard about the possibility, Warren's very hyper little friend Andrew was bouncing around going "Take me too! Me and Steve, and Margaret!" So if we do go, it looks like it will be quite the trip.

I've been enjoying working with Warren on his latest projects- it's very interesting to see something in the unfinished state (the robot he's working on right now) and be able to view what the finished product is like (Rebecca). Sometimes, I forget that she is even a robot- she's truly a living being, capable of completely making her own decisions and having emotional responses to just about everything. Warren is such a brilliant man- in addition to all the other pleasant things about him, I really find just talking to him about his work is such an enlightening experience. He's also working on a repeating crossbow design for Tamara, which is coming along rather nicely, with some modifications here and there to the prototype. It still doesn't fly quite as far or impact as hard as he'd like though, so more work will be done before he gives over the complete product. I've been learning a lot about this whole business of Slayers from Warren. His Buffybot is modeled after the previous Slayer, Buffy Summers, who apparently died from jumping off a tower to close a portal that would have had devastating consequences to the world.

I consider the fact that there seems to be this epic battle between 'good' and 'evil' going on just under the surface of the visible world, all around us. Things from the shadows fight secret warriors with powers from an ancient source.. and I wonder how that would change if robots like Warren's Buffybot were brought into the picture. Programmed to be Slayers, with the moves and the strength and dexterity to back it up. It could revolutionize this hidden world, and shift the balance to weigh heavily in favor of the good guys. There are times when I think that Warren Meers could save the world...

Maybe it's just because I'm in love with him, but he does have the most beautiful mind...

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