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Life on the Hellmouth

We got the call from Kit Bothwell yesterday that he'd made contact with the spirit, so we can go ahead with the building plans. I was still a bit nervous about the whole thing- but Warren pointed out that it would just be a ghost in the machine, so to speak.. not an actual resurrection. And after all, wasn't making AI a form of creation anyhow? And if resurrection is something we humans shouldn't be doing... maybe so is creation, and that turned out well enough.

So yeah... I'm feeling a bit better about things, but still cautious. After all, we do live on a Hellmouth.. and from what I've been learning that's not exactly a good place to be messing around with forces of life and death.

Other than that, things have been good. The Buffybot is going about and doing patrols, and hasn't suffered any irreparable damage- so all's well on that front. Tamara and Spike's wedding was lovely...the food was great, and Warren and I got to dance and everything. Jonathan and Andrew got into a little spat that ended in cake throwing, but that's pretty normal for them when they hang out, I've found. They were friends again (though covered in cake) five minutes later.

Classes are stating up again soon at college, and I'm hoping that I can balance work, social life, and classwork. Warren says he'll help me with classes if I need it, so I suppose things will be fine. My mother called and reminded me that I haven't been coming home to visit lately. I think I'll drop by there this weekend- maybe see if Warren wants to come with me and do the meet the parents thing. That's a big step, I know.. but I think they'll like him.


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